Time Out Tokyo (Time Out Guides) Review

Time Out Tokyo (Time Out Guides)
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Time Out Tokyo (Time Out Guides) ReviewThis guide is not only useful, but really readable. I have lived in Japan for a number of years, but I learned a lot from the introductory articles. I also really liked the boxes giving background on interesting aspects of Japanese culture throughout the text. They changed the pace of the book, offered some fascinating information, and made the book a pleasure to refer to.Time Out Tokyo (Time Out Guides) OverviewTime Out Tokyo is the definitive guide to this fast-moving metropolis. With cultural briefings and comprehensive practical tips, this guide leads visitors through the marvels and mysteries of the world's most undiscovered capital. From futuristic skyscrapers to ancient temples, sex clubs to sushi bars, it's all here - how to navigate the city with no street names and make the most of the numerous shopping options, from must-have souvenirs to electronics bargains. The guide also explores sights beyond Tokyo, including Yokohama, the hot springs of Hakone, and the slopes of Mount Fuji. Also included are over 150 personally vetted restaurant reviews (plus a guide to reading the menu), and etiquette tips: do's and don'ts, using a bath house, sleeping in a ryokan, and more.

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