Will the laughter stop?: Baby Boomer Chronicles Review

Will the laughter stop: Baby Boomer Chronicles
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Will the laughter stop: Baby Boomer Chronicles ReviewThis is a funny, warm-hearted coming of age novel by a first time fiction writer. It will appeal particularly to those growing up Catholic in the Northeast in the early 1960s.Will the laughter stop: Baby Boomer Chronicles OverviewFrom the opening scene of this novel you realize that from the moment you meet Buck looking out of his bedroom window in his pajamas with an erection in June of 1961, until the closing scenes in June of 1965 on the day after high school graduation, that Buck and his friends have taken you into life in the 1960's. This novel captures the conversations; the cars; the sex; the romance; the football games; the dances; the nude streaking; the voyeur peeking; the corporal punishment in school; the skinny-dipping; the drinking; the parties; the pranks; the necking; the sand dunes; the car wrecks; the high school graduation; and the graduation party. The novel is about coming of age and the teenage rite of passage, with all its humor; gawkiness; pain; and complexity! At times you will roll with side-splitting laughter; at times you will cry; at times you will cheer! All the chronicles are intertwined with actual historical events of the time and the popular music of the period. Brown's "Will the Laughter Stop? THE BABY BOOMER CHRONICLES" will become a new kind of mantra for today's grandparents to tell other generations of Americans: "That's the way it was". The Author writes with a flair for description, and creates a viable setting in a Long Island, New York, Catholic High School, the kind every American city and town has, just around the corner. These characters' voices could have been anyone's in high school days, when they struggled to set boundaries; to develop ethical standards; to question the existence of God; to ponder their future; and the very existence of their life and goals. Readers of this book will ride along on the adventures, not knowing what the next day will bring, but always asking, "Who will star in the movie"?

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